Mert Bulan

18 October 2020 | reading time: 1 min(s)

Why some buildings in Hamburg have a greenish roof?

There are a lot of things I like about Hamburg and the buildings are one of them. Besides the brick buildings in Hamburg, I also like some buildings because of...

9 October 2020 | reading time: 2 min(s)

You probably pay around 100€/year for TV Cable that you don't use

and this doesn’t make sense at all. Let me start from the beginning. I was checking every detail in my Nebenkostenabrechnung papers as I mentioned in my previous post. If...

5 October 2020 | reading time: 3 min(s)

Paying property tax while being a tenant in Germany

Paying taxes in Germany is a very serious topic. My German friend once told me that killing a person has fewer consequences than tax fraud in Germany. Joke aside, I...

21 March 2020 | reading time: 6 min(s)

Should we #EnjoyCapitalism?

If you are a person like me who moved from a third world country (Turkey) to a first world country (Germany), probably your priorities and problems are different now. You...

12 January 2020 | reading time: 11 min(s)

Moving to Germany: Things that you need to know

I moved to Hamburg, Germany in 2018. During that time, I had to do a lot of research or ask a lot of questions to my colleagues. Nowadays, I am...

4 January 2020 | reading time: 3 min(s)

Effective way of saving lives in Africa

During my Christmas holiday, I had a chance to read a book called Factfullness. It became a really popular book after Bill Gates’s recommendation. The author of the book explains...

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