When can I retire?

FIREcalc is your personalized tool for retirement planning. Enter your age, portfolio, income, expenses, and annual return to calculate your Lean FIRE projection and discover your potential early retirement age. Easily adjust the inflation rate if you want to take that into account. Seeking Fat FIRE? Just input your Fat FIRE goal and see when you could achieve it. This user-friendly app ensures your data stays on your device while providing personalized retirement projections. Visualize your financial future confidently with FIREcalc as your pathway to a fulfilling retirement.

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Privacy Policy

FIREcalc and its developer take your privacy very seriously. Beyond the information Apple provides to developers that you can decide to provide, It uses no third-party analytics or advertising frameworks. FIREcalc logs no information on you and has no interest in doing such.

FIREcalc does not collect, transmit, distribute or sell your data.