Dune: Part Two Review (Spoiler-Free)

Although the first book was written in 1965, I discovered the Diner series in 2021 through the movie directed by Denis Villeneuve. I was captivated by the film’s atmosphere. The sounds, characters, locations, and costumes were fantastic. What stood out to me the most were the Sci-Fi elements like the ships, harvesters, stillsuit and omnichopters. This type of Sci-Fi resonated with me, unlike Star Wars. In Star Wars, Sci-Fi elements often overshadow the story, but in Dune, they are seamlessly woven into the characters’ lives, playing a central role without overpowering the narrative. Importantly, there are no computers depicted in the movie.

First Movie and First Book

After watching the movie, I decided to delve into the books. The first book, Dune, proved to be much richer than its cinematic adaptation. Particularly in the last 50 pages, time seemed to slip away as I immersed myself in the story. Through the book, I gained a deeper understanding of the Dune universe. It’s not a simple tale of good versus evil; it’s far more intricate. Families and professions, rather than races, define the characters. Mentats, for instance, possess high computational abilities, serving as substitutes for computers. Then there’s the Bene Gesserit, holding religious authority, and the Spacing Guild aiding in interstellar navigation. These aren’t distinct races but specialized professions, with individuals trained or even bred for them.

Another revelation was the significance of spice. Unlike mere currency or precious metals, it’s the lifeblood of the Dune universe. Difficult to obtain, it functions as a mind-expanding drug and enables interstellar travel. As my knowledge of the universe expanded, so did my appreciation for the series. I also discovered that the first movie only covered the initial part of the book, with the real action unfolding in its later sections.

Dune: Part Two

After finishing the first book, I immediately delved into the second, and it became evident to me that adapting these books into movies is no easy feat. The intricate political maneuverings and extensive dialogue, akin to Game of Thrones, pose a challenge for adaptation. Denis Villeneuve’s decision to streamline the story was crucial for its success, as faithfully following the books might have resulted in a less engaging film.

I watched the movie on March 1st, the day after its release in Germany. What stood out to me in the second movie was the exceptional sound design by Hans Zimmer. Experiencing it in a cinema with top-notch sound quality (Dolby Surround 7.1) was truly remarkable. Zimmer’s work deserves an Oscar, without a doubt.

Another part of the movie I enjoyed were the intense battle scenes where the Fremen took down the harvesting machines. These scenes showed big machines, strategic fighting, and exciting explosions. I also liked the vast desert landscapes, with the constant threat of the worms adding to the tension.

Timothée Chalamet’s performance was outstanding, particularly in his interactions with the Fremen. I vividly recall these scenes, with the entire cinema holding its breath. It’s worth noting that while some may perceive Paul Atreides as a typical hero akin to Luke Skywalker, in the Dune series, the focus lies on Arrakis, the desert planet, and the importance of spice. Austin Butler’s portrayal was also commendable, especially in the black and white scenes, which added another layer of intrigue to the movie.

However, one aspect I found lacking was the depth of background information about the characters, families, and events. Having read the books, I could fill in the gaps, but I worry that those unfamiliar with the source material might struggle to fully grasp the story. Additionally, certain crucial elements from the book were omitted from the movie, which could have added depth to the narrative arc.

Overall, I consider this movie one of the best I’ve seen in the last decade. I plan to purchase it on Apple TV and rewatch it multiple times, just as I did with the first movie. Even if you’re not a Sci-Fi enthusiast, I highly recommend giving it a watch in a cinema.

My Score: 9/10

Dune: Part Two Review (Spoiler-Free)
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Dune: Part Two Review (Spoiler-Free)