W42.log: Dune and How to Create Luck

24 October 2021 | 1 mins

Dune actors


The last time when I went to a cinema, I watched Joker movie with my colleagues. After more than 2 years, I went to a cinema and watched Dune today. The movie was long but I liked almost every second of the movie. The music (from Hans Zimmer), the spaceships, the actors, the story, everything was wonderful. After watching the first few minutes of it, I immediately decided to read all the books in the series. I heard that the movie is from the first half of the first book. So, there will be probably more Dune movies in the future and I am already looking forward to watching them.

If you are into sci-fi movies, you should watch Dune! I am going to read the first book and watch the movie again because first, I liked the movie, second, there were some scenes that were really hard to hear what the characters were saying. Maybe that was the only problem with the movie. The rest was awesome! I remember that some scenes were completely silent and everybody at the cinema was holding their breath.

The Box

If we can buy products by not spending too much money today, we can do that thanks to the containerization revolution. I finished a book called, The Box this week. It was about the history of containers and how they changed our lives. Also, you hear the story of a person, Malcolm McLean, and how he pushed for the revolution. The book is definitely mind-opening.

Rivers of London

If you like Harry Potter and the idea of living in a universe that you can use magic, you can start reading Rivers of London series. I finished the first book of the series this week and I enjoyed it. There were some parts that I was annoyed with because the protagonist was talking a lot of things that are not related to the story but besides that, it was fun to read.

The book is about a police officer that is living in London that is discovering the magical world first time and trying to solve a case with some help. When people are suggesting this series, they say that it is Harry Potter for adults. So, do not expect something similar to Harry Potter.


When I heard 5G the first time, I didn’t get too excited because I thought that it is not going to be domething that I will use in my life soon. After buying iPhone 13 mini and changing my carrier to Deutsche Telekom, I started to use 5G. Today, while sitting on the balcony of Elbphilharmonie, I just did a speed test. The result was astounishing: 354Mbps. This was the fastest speed I have ever used in my life.

How to Create Luck

I have never thought that you can create luck. I always thought that you are lucky or not in some cases. Maybe you are lucky in your working life but not very lucky in your dating life, and so on. I read a blog post this week about How to Create Luck. It is changed my mind about how I perceive luck. There was a very simple explanation of how to create luck: you do things, tell people.

If you are not doing anything, or doing a lot of things but not telling anybody, you are decreasing your chances of creating luck. The blog post also explains the four types of luck that I have never thought about. It is a must-read!

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