W41.log: Snow Crash and SwiftUI

17 October 2021 | 1 min

Snow Crash book cover

Snow Crash

Almost in every article about Metaverse, you see a reference to a book called Snow Crash. The reason is that the book (or the author) used Metaverse concept for the first time. It is a sci-fi book that is about a virus (both in a physical and a digital world) called Snow Crash. While the virus affects everybody in the physical world if you are exposed, in Metaverse, it only affects certain kinds of people, hackers. I liked the book for two reasons; the first one, it describes Metaverse pretty well and you can see how we are going to experience that world in the future and put it into the center of our daily life as we did for smartphones.

When you see that the book is published in 1992, you will respect the author Neal Stephenson more because of his creativity. The second one is that there were really good dialogs about history and linguistics and those dialogs happened mostly between our protagonist and the librarian (an AI) in Metaverse. I would enjoy a lot talking with that Librarian.

If you are into sci-fi books, I believe that you are going to enjoy reading this book. I also read that HBO is going to make a TV Series from the book. I’m already looking forward to it.


During the last week, I worked on a project with SwiftUI as my Hack Days project. As a Software Developer, I work with React Native and I can easily say that SwitUI is way superior to React Native. It is so much fun to create UIs comparing to React Native. You also have a very minimalist codebase. The only problem is that, unfortunately, Apple’s documentation is so bad or non-existent.

My friend recommended an app called A Companion for SwiftUI after I told him how I struggled to find simple examples to create simple components or modify them. If I am going to keep working with SwiftUI, probably I am going to buy the app. Especially seeing all the positive reviews.

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