W40.log: Steve Jobs and Price Kaleidoscope

10 October 2021 | 1 mins

Price Kaleidoscope

Steve Jobs

The last Tuesday was the day that Steve Jobs passed away 10 years ago. I remember the day that he died. I was going to school and on the radio, I heard that he died. It was a sad day for me because he changed my perspective about life so he became my hero. I also wanted to see him in real life once but that was not going to happen anymore.

Apple released a video that they called Celebrating Steve. It is a nice video but I would like to share more. If you don’t have time, you can just watch his Secrets of Life video. If you have around 15 minutes, you can watch his famous Stanford Speech. If you have more than an hour, please watch The Lost Interview. I watch these videos every year at least once and I believe that all of these videos might change something about you.

Price Kaleidoscope

I love colorful charts and I think I found my favorite chart this week: Price Kaleidoscope. It is a chart that is created by the German Federal Office of Statistics. It shows you the inflation rate, how it’s changed comparing to the previous year. In just one chart, you see every category group, individual goods, and services with their change and weight in the inflation rate. It is just amazing. It is also a perfect chart to explain to someone what is the inflation rate.

Multi-language Support and Apple

This week, I realized again that how bad Apple is handling multi-language support in their products. As a person who lives in Germany, I use my phone in English and I chat with my friends and family both in English and Turkish. Unfortunately, Apple products don’t support multi-languages perfectly.

For example, if you are using your AirPods, Siri can read a message that you receive. I use Siri in English, if I receive a message in Turkish, Siri tries to read the message in English.

Another problem is that while writing in Turkish, sometimes I write English words in a sentence. As you can guess, not every English word has an equivalent in Turkish. Unfortunately, the auto-completion part of the keyboard tries to change that word that I am writing in English to something completely random in Turkish. So, I always have to change the keyboard language while writing something in English and then switch back to the Turkish keyboard again.

The last one is an epic fail, I would say. If you want to buy something from Apple in Germany, you have only one language option: German. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t support multi-languages in a country on their online store. Nowadays, there are a lot of people that use multiple languages in their life. I use Turkish and English and soon I will start to use German in my daily life. I would expect Apple to support my needs so I can have a better experience while using their products.

Criticism of Facebook

I don’t use Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram. I do think that Facebook and its products are bad for society. Whenever someone tells me that let’s chat on Whatsapp, I find myself explaining why Facebook is bad for society and why I don’t use WhatsApp. Finally, I found a Wikipedia page that puts all the bad things about Facebook in details: Criticism of Facebook From now on, I will just share the link of this page.

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