W38.log: iPhone 13 mini and Foundation

26 September 2021 | 1 mins

A bee on a flower

iPhone 13 mini

After my pre-order, I received my iPhone 13 mini on Friday. I can easily say that after using iPhone XR for 3 years, I started to enjoy using my phone again. Before using iPhone XR, I was using iPhone SE (first generation) and I was super happy to use it. Now, with iPhone 13 mini, I have a similar feeling. Probably, I am going to write a blog post after using it for a few weeks.

Understanding Exposure

One of my reasons for buying a new iPhone was that I want to improve my photography skills. For that, I bought a book called, Understanding Exposure. My goal is that I am going to go outside and start taking pictures and at the same time, I am going to read this book and apply my learnings and see the improvements.

iPhone 13 mini’s Camera

While talking about photography, on Sunday, I had a short trip to Stadtpark and took some pictures (mostly flowers). I was very happy with the result. Seems like iPhone can recognize flowers and animals (see the picture above) and blur the background. You can see that iPhone is so good to recognize the whole flower with its leaves and not mixing it with the similar flowers around it. (I should mention that the weather was windy and I assume that the blurry part on the top left corner is caused by that)


The first two episodes of Foundation TV Series are released on Apple TV+. I read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series more than 5 years ago and I remember that I enjoyed reading them a lot. I had high expectations for this show and after watching the first two episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes something big like Game of Thrones. Not only the story but also the production quality is so high. I watched it on my Apple TV in 4K and with my AirPods Pro. I felt like I am watching a movie at a cinema. I highly recommend you to watch if you are into Sci-Fi.

If you like the show, you might also like the offical podcast.

This is a new blog series that I’ve started to write. Every week, on Sunday, I will write a similar post to this one.

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